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A flag is a symbolic structure that represents a certain country, team, idea, or used for signals. Usually a fabric material, but also could be any other material such as paper, or a painting as well. It usually consists of colors and symbols representing a major idea about that certain country or team. Country’s pick their flag’s colors by having every color represent a meaning. For example, the Armenian flag consists of Red that represents the bloodshed and struggle over years; Blue represents the sky and freedom, and Orange emblematizes the creative talent and hard-working nature of the people of Armenia. While the Russian flag, White represents God, Blue the Tsar and Red the peasants. Flags usually change after a revolution within a country when a new form of government is made, or after a colonial rule in a country comes to an end, or just a choice to change the flag without any reasons. Many flags represent the religion of the country such as the Danish, Swedish, Greek, and Georgian flags have crosses on them, while the Pakistani, Algerian, Tunisian flags have a crescent moon symbol that represents Islam.  Usually, Arabic flags include colors like Black, Green, and Red, while most of the European flags consist of Red, Blue, and Yellow etc. Flags have many symbols, a White flag represents peace and defeat, Red flag is to stop, Black and White checkered flags are used in car races. Many schools and universities have their own flags with the institutes’ symbol on it, in which they use it as a representation of the institute and also during sport competitions. Sport teams, whether its soccer, football, or basketball, they all have their own symbols on a flag, in which people use to cheer their favorite team during a match. In conclusion, flags are very important, and hold special meanings for a country, and as signals.Image


Armenian Surnames

Many people who know a lot about Armenians or have Armenian friends, they wonder “Why do all Armenian surnames end with –ian or –yan?” -ian and -yan are referred to the “son of”.  Originally people were referred to by a single given name. Family names didn’t exist because people lived in small settlements and knew each other personally. The need to create Armenian surnames to distinguish individuals arose after the foundation of large settlements and towns. People started to move from one place to another, and it became difficult to use just names and nicknames. It was necessary to add the person’s place of birth to the surname for example, Tatevatsi, and Shirakatsi (regions in Armenia), or main occupation, skills, or talents for example; a famous jeweler or baker received the corresponding surname – Voskerchyan (jeweler), Khatsukhyan (baker), and Boyadjian that is derived from a painter. The most confusing and curious names are those based on some trait of an ancestor. Typical examples are Topalian “son of the cripple,” Dilsizian “son of the tongueless one, Kebabjian, and Kahvejian refer to kebab and coffee merchants, respectively. Many of the origins of these names are unclear unless one understands the original context. Nevertheless, the majority of Armenian surnames were formed from the name of a reputable ancestor. People added a prefix or a suffix to the first name that indicated the connection to a certain family. The name categories of occupation and trait can differ significantly between Eastern Armenians and Western Armenians, since the eastern names often have Persian, Georgian or Russian roots, while the western names may have Turkish, Arab, or Greek roots. In addition, most Armenians (Eastern) from the former Soviet Union spell their last name with a -yan, which reflects the new spelling that was adopted by Armenians in the Soviet Union, while most Western Armenians spell their last names with an –ian. One of the popular Armenian surnames that most of you know is “Kardashian” in which “Kardash” is a stone sculptor. In my case, my surname is “Kazanjian” in which “Kazan” means strong or brave. In conclusion, every Armenian surname holds a history and a meaning of the certain family.



World Oil in Danger

Oil is the lifeblood of the modern era. Without oil, the world will not be the same again. Many countries of the world produce oil, mostly the Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, and the rest of the Gulf countries. It is the major resource for the world, the major source of money, and the main reason for wars and invasions. After years of oil production and the usage of oil in transportation systems, and other mechanics, there will come a time that the world will run out of oil. Over the years, many countries have already begun to run out of oil such as the United States. The demand of oil is increasing year after year due to the progress of technology and the higher production of cars and other transportation systems. In order to stop this or to slow it down, we must decrease our dependence on oil.  If oil runs out and reaches its peak, the world is going to suffer and go through the worst days. Oil prices are going to rise where not everyone will be able to afford it anymore, globalization will come to an end, and transportation systems won’t function anymore. Hybrid cars that are power electric cars must be used, and to reduce the number of cars people should start using public transportation systems such as the bus and the metro, they could also use the bicycle or walk, reduce plane traveling, and recycle more cans, and also to avoid oil accidents or spills such as the Gulf of Mexico incident that happened a couple of years ago. Oil producing countries that depend on it as their top exporting resource should depend on other things. Just as Dubai is now depending on tourism as their main source of income since oil is reaching its peak. Many study groups believe that oil will run out by the year 2018. Therefore, countries worldwide must take action to prevent this from happening anytime soon.

February Facts

February is the second and shortest month of the year that I chose to write about since we have just entered February. This month holds some historical events and occasions that people today still remember and celebrate those events. To start off with, this month has twenty eight days, but every four years it has twenty nine days which is called a leap day. Groundhog Day is an American occasion celebrated on February 2. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th where loved ones spend the day together.  George Washington, the 1st president of the United States, was born on the 22nd and was elected in February as well. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born on the 12th. Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, was born on the 6th. February 5 holds the tragedy of Pompeii, Italy’s earthquake when the whole city was buried underground. Malcolm X, an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist and one of the important names in the history, passed away on the 21st. Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II on the 6th, currently the queen of England. The Gulf War came to an end on the 28th of this month.  Many inventions have occurred in February such as; the first Ferrari car was invented in 1898, which is one of the most expensive cars, and one’s dream to own one. Steve Jobs co-founded the Apple computers that are one of the best computers of all time, and is still being used by millions today. YouTube, the number one video browsing website, was first launched on February 15, 2005. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, an international and the most popular social networking website, on the 4th of February, 2004. February is a short month but is loaded with historical events and inventions.

Economy of the World

Many countries in the world suffer from economic problems, mostly the poor and developing countries. This can happen due to many reasons; political and environmental factors affect it mostly. The African continent for years has not changed economically, millions of people die per year in Africa due to poverty, diseases, and other economic factors.  In Asia, many countries also suffer economic problems but a bigger percentage of people are employed or manage to make money in some way in order to feed their families. In the Middle East, most of the countries are rich in resources, but many of those countries still face economic problems, this is where politics plays a role. Different religions, many political parties, and different beliefs, within a country, each one of them competes against the other in order to gain power in the country. Not all the Middle East though, for example; the Gulf countries specifically Dubai, is rich in oil resources and knows how to use its resources in the right way that is why Dubai, today, is one of the most richest cities in the world. The western world is usually the one that controls the Middle East’s resources, therefore; they create problems in order to benefit their own countries, because of the economic crisis that began a couple of years ago in the United States that affected many parts of the world as well. Some countries in Europe are also suffering from economical issues where people are being unemployed and begin a strike against their governments. Economic issues are getting more serious as days are passing by, more countries are losing their wealth, more people are dying, war and revolution tensions are rising, and nothing is changing in the economy of the world.

The Importance of Music


Music is what most of the people enjoy listening to, it is part of their daily lives, and in other words it becomes a habit for them. Music varies from one area to another as the cultures differ. But nowadays, music in every culture is gradually changing over the years as the west is playing a major role in it. Music has many psychological advantages. For example; many people listen to music in the morning in order to escape the sleeping mood, and also for some, listening to music builds more confidence in them, especially during workouts. Music helps a person express what he or she feels. Majority of the people that are involved in a problem especially during a relationship tend to listen to music as it is said that it makes them have a better mood. Music is the reason for healing emotional pains and it can act as a guide to people, mostly teenagers throughout so many situations in life, it usually speaks up for a person. Some people are too shy to express who they are or what they want in their words so they turn to music as their other half who is able to express it all. Some people choose to listen to music while studying, but some don’t because it distracts them. Artists who draw and paint believe that music increases their creativity and makes it more enjoyable. Moreover, as known, music is used as a source of joy in so many different occasions such as weddings, parties, and others. Music is an important thing in everyone’s life due to its benefits and the pleasure of listening to; every culture should keep its traditional music despite the fact that the west is changing the structure of music. Music helps us through good times and bad times.