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Communism vs Democracy

March 17, 2013

Communism and democracy are two different ideologies that have rendered great impact in the world. Communism can be termed as a socioeconomic structure that stands for the establishment of a classless, egalitarian and stateless society. Democracy is a political system of governance either carried out by the people directly or by elected representatives. The difference between the two is mainly that in communism, the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all the resources and it is shared in the society equally. While in Democracy, it is based on the principle of equality and freedom. It is also based on the principle that all citizens have equal rights. Another principle that defines democracy is that the citizens have certain liberties and freedoms, which are protected by the constitution. The political system in Communism is that there is only one leader who is re-elected almost every season, more like dictatorship. While in democracy, people have the right to elect whoever they want by voting. In Communism, there are no classes among the people, but in Democracy due to the capitalist system in the society, classes are created among the people. Democracy is spread worldwide by the United States, and Communism is led by Russia, where years ago this was a result of the Cold War between the two. There have been many Communist leaders in the past such as; Stalin and every other Communist country or the Soviet Union members. On the other hand, Democracy is led by the United States presidents such as; Barack Obama, and every other Democratic country. In conclusion, both systems have their good and bad, you cannot pick either one as the best.

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  1. its really nice and one of a kind topic. i really did not know this much about the topic like for example ,when you started to explain that Communism used to control the amount of goods that enter and exit the country. that was really interesting. i liked how you explained that democracy is a modern day way of law. in conclusion, really interesting topic keep it up.

  2. it is an interesting topic in which that you are clearly verifying the differences between the two contradictive ideologies. The information in the expert above is very beneficial for people especially who study sociology deeply because they should know at least a brief background about these different ideologies.

  3. I want to notice that some of the information above is not correct.Russia and Soviet Union are different things. Russia has the capitalistic system today, not communistic.One more thing is that Cold War was not the result of two different systems of two superpowers.Anyway,I found this topic useful and interesting.

  4. When I mentioned Russia as a communist, I was relating it to the past not present, I know communism does not exist in Russia now. And yes the Cold War was due to the race to spread communism and democracy by the Russians and Americans.

  5. Onuwarah permalink

    In my opinion, communism. can only work in theory, but when it comes to applying it there is no way it can be a long term solution or a way of life, and also being a Capitalist is not totaly good. having a way in the middle that fits both is the best solution in my opinion.

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