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My trips to Mount Aragats, Armenia

March 3, 2013

Mount Aragats is a large stratovolcano in northwest Armenia. It is the highest point in Armenia that rises over 4,000 meters. It is covered in snow all year long which makes it a major touristic area. I first visited this mountain in the summers of 2002 and five years later in 2007. It was probably one of the best places I have been to. It took us an hour to reach there, and another hour or so to reach its peak. It was really cold in summer; I could predict a 10 degrees Celsius. The road was rugged and of course a road going upwards. In 2007, our car broke down on the way up due to the road; it was hectic where we had to wait an hour for the car to function properly. On the way up, you could see small scattered clouds all around you. Also, on the way, you can see small Kurdish families in tents that live there all summer. On its slopes are the Byurakan Observatory and the medieval Amberd Fortress. There is a lake up on the mountain that is called Aragats Lake, fairly deep and cold. When I first went there in 2002, it was empty up on the mountain with some villagers who offered us tasty cold fruits. I found it different in 2007, it was much more populated with tourists, and they had built couple of restaurants opposite to the lake that were specialized with fish. Mount Aragats holds a religious meaning as well that may sound fictional, when Saint Gregory the Illuminator prayed one day on Mount Aragats a miraculous ever-burning lantern hanging from the heavens came down to shed light on him. Armenians believe that the Illuminator’s lantern is still there, and only those pure in heart and spirit can see the eternal lantern — the symbol of hopes and dreams of the nation. Mount Aragats is one of the major touristic areas in Armenia, and my favorite of all the places in Armenia that I have been to.





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  1. realy great topic, i always wanted to know more about Armenia. I aprecate how you explained your trip and your experience. your descreption was so accurate that i felt i was in the Mount Aragats. how beautiful of the mount in the pictures.

  2. omern permalink

    I have heard of armenia before, but nothing about its history or its people. I would love to go there and see its nature….from the piuictures posted, i can seee that it is very beautiful. i hope that i see that part of the world soon.

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