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February 26, 2013

A flag is a symbolic structure that represents a certain country, team, idea, or used for signals. Usually a fabric material, but also could be any other material such as paper, or a painting as well. It usually consists of colors and symbols representing a major idea about that certain country or team. Country’s pick their flag’s colors by having every color represent a meaning. For example, the Armenian flag consists of Red that represents the bloodshed and struggle over years; Blue represents the sky and freedom, and Orange emblematizes the creative talent and hard-working nature of the people of Armenia. While the Russian flag, White represents God, Blue the Tsar and Red the peasants. Flags usually change after a revolution within a country when a new form of government is made, or after a colonial rule in a country comes to an end, or just a choice to change the flag without any reasons. Many flags represent the religion of the country such as the Danish, Swedish, Greek, and Georgian flags have crosses on them, while the Pakistani, Algerian, Tunisian flags have a crescent moon symbol that represents Islam.  Usually, Arabic flags include colors like Black, Green, and Red, while most of the European flags consist of Red, Blue, and Yellow etc. Flags have many symbols, a White flag represents peace and defeat, Red flag is to stop, Black and White checkered flags are used in car races. Many schools and universities have their own flags with the institutes’ symbol on it, in which they use it as a representation of the institute and also during sport competitions. Sport teams, whether its soccer, football, or basketball, they all have their own symbols on a flag, in which people use to cheer their favorite team during a match. In conclusion, flags are very important, and hold special meanings for a country, and as signals.Image


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  1. i like your choice of topic,because flags really talk alot about many symbols in that country culture. that’s why many artist when they draw their flag it usually takes time,because they try to make every part of the flag has a meaning. keep it up.

  2. mahmoudnch permalink

    This was a good topic to read! The level of symbolism in every flag is balanced and tells a lot about a country. The Lebanese flag’s red stripes symbolize the blood shed for liberation; the white stripe symbolizes peace as well as the snow on the mountains, while the green cedar tree symbolizes immortality and steadiness.

    This post made me go and research on what my country’s flag colors represent, so keep it up!

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