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World Oil in Danger

February 10, 2013

Oil is the lifeblood of the modern era. Without oil, the world will not be the same again. Many countries of the world produce oil, mostly the Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, and the rest of the Gulf countries. It is the major resource for the world, the major source of money, and the main reason for wars and invasions. After years of oil production and the usage of oil in transportation systems, and other mechanics, there will come a time that the world will run out of oil. Over the years, many countries have already begun to run out of oil such as the United States. The demand of oil is increasing year after year due to the progress of technology and the higher production of cars and other transportation systems. In order to stop this or to slow it down, we must decrease our dependence on oil.  If oil runs out and reaches its peak, the world is going to suffer and go through the worst days. Oil prices are going to rise where not everyone will be able to afford it anymore, globalization will come to an end, and transportation systems won’t function anymore. Hybrid cars that are power electric cars must be used, and to reduce the number of cars people should start using public transportation systems such as the bus and the metro, they could also use the bicycle or walk, reduce plane traveling, and recycle more cans, and also to avoid oil accidents or spills such as the Gulf of Mexico incident that happened a couple of years ago. Oil producing countries that depend on it as their top exporting resource should depend on other things. Just as Dubai is now depending on tourism as their main source of income since oil is reaching its peak. Many study groups believe that oil will run out by the year 2018. Therefore, countries worldwide must take action to prevent this from happening anytime soon.


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  1. It is true that oil is our first source for fuel . As lm living in my country UAE. I saw many energy projects in process. They find many other sources of energy rather than the oil such as solar energy and wind power.These projects will ensure our future.

  2. The oil crisis is a very big issue nowadays.The todays’ consumption of petroleum is increadible, and if people keep using it in such amounts, we will run it out very soon. The best solution is to use some alternatives to petroleum such as biofuels, solar energy, hybrid cars. However, these alternatives also have some disadvantages that should be avoid.

  3. Faris Aqra permalink

    It’s something so obvious but yet us humans remain utterly clueless about it. Oil is not a never ending supply and we will run out of it soon. We should be cautious about our oil and try to seek alternatives because we never know how much oil is important until it is too late.

  4. suliman naameh permalink

    great post. i agree that the oil is in danger however this issue is not very important because they found the second world backup which is a gas based in the deep of the mediterranean sea and could solve that problem. any a great post.

  5. I like your because i believe in every single world mentioned on that post and i appreciate this topic because it reflect our current circumstances regarding the over usage of oil and how that can have a great threat on the countries who are fully dependent on oil. In fact it will affect the countries’ economy.

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