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Economy of the World

January 28, 2013

Many countries in the world suffer from economic problems, mostly the poor and developing countries. This can happen due to many reasons; political and environmental factors affect it mostly. The African continent for years has not changed economically, millions of people die per year in Africa due to poverty, diseases, and other economic factors.  In Asia, many countries also suffer economic problems but a bigger percentage of people are employed or manage to make money in some way in order to feed their families. In the Middle East, most of the countries are rich in resources, but many of those countries still face economic problems, this is where politics plays a role. Different religions, many political parties, and different beliefs, within a country, each one of them competes against the other in order to gain power in the country. Not all the Middle East though, for example; the Gulf countries specifically Dubai, is rich in oil resources and knows how to use its resources in the right way that is why Dubai, today, is one of the most richest cities in the world. The western world is usually the one that controls the Middle East’s resources, therefore; they create problems in order to benefit their own countries, because of the economic crisis that began a couple of years ago in the United States that affected many parts of the world as well. Some countries in Europe are also suffering from economical issues where people are being unemployed and begin a strike against their governments. Economic issues are getting more serious as days are passing by, more countries are losing their wealth, more people are dying, war and revolution tensions are rising, and nothing is changing in the economy of the world.


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  1. Nice post!
    This post differentiates the factors that causes a country to pass through a miserable time. Like in Africa the main reason for its poverty is because of bad government and the misuse of the money they had, and that was used to create nuclear weapons.
    It is unfair for the people in this country because most of them live in poverty and die from hunger or over-work.

  2. I like in your post how you talk about many countries; for example like africa how you still keep reminding the readers about the poverty in africa. I like how you show the facts that people never knew like in the middle east.

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