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The Importance of Music

January 22, 2013


Music is what most of the people enjoy listening to, it is part of their daily lives, and in other words it becomes a habit for them. Music varies from one area to another as the cultures differ. But nowadays, music in every culture is gradually changing over the years as the west is playing a major role in it. Music has many psychological advantages. For example; many people listen to music in the morning in order to escape the sleeping mood, and also for some, listening to music builds more confidence in them, especially during workouts. Music helps a person express what he or she feels. Majority of the people that are involved in a problem especially during a relationship tend to listen to music as it is said that it makes them have a better mood. Music is the reason for healing emotional pains and it can act as a guide to people, mostly teenagers throughout so many situations in life, it usually speaks up for a person. Some people are too shy to express who they are or what they want in their words so they turn to music as their other half who is able to express it all. Some people choose to listen to music while studying, but some don’t because it distracts them. Artists who draw and paint believe that music increases their creativity and makes it more enjoyable. Moreover, as known, music is used as a source of joy in so many different occasions such as weddings, parties, and others. Music is an important thing in everyone’s life due to its benefits and the pleasure of listening to; every culture should keep its traditional music despite the fact that the west is changing the structure of music. Music helps us through good times and bad times.   




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  1. mahmoudnch permalink

    Wow, many people can relate to many things being said in this post. Haha, I know I do!

    The topic is an interesting one. You did not merely choose the general topic of music.

    Instead, you picked the topic of why music is important in everyones lives, and many people would have appreciated the fact that you actually see music as an important factor in many peoples lives. Nice job!

  2. I like how you relate music to what we do in our daily life and how it shapes’s our life too. One of the best things in your post is that you related music to psychology, and how it good makes us happy or sad. Really good job for your post I liked it.

  3. I totally agree with what you wrote, because I tend to listen to music most of the day, while studying, workouts, whether I was in a good mood or a bad one, some how I feel that music has the ability to take me to a whole different world of thoughts, imagination and peace.

  4. I really liked how you mixed music with different variables of how it is used in daily life.
    And showed how it is a universal language to show or express emotion without the use of words.
    Also how music is there in times of need even though it changes so much from generation to generation

  5. I can’t more agree with you buddy, because you got it right music is everything to most people. I am one of these people, i cant do something without listening to music. For example now i am listening to music to write this comment. Imagine what would i do without music.

  6. Ahmed Mobarak permalink

    What an interesting topic! Music definitely became a part of our lives and many of us cannot start their day without listening to their favorite artist and read his latest new. Music fans differs based on their taste but the love of music links us all together.

  7. A very interesting post, and great facts about music. It is true that music now days become part of each person. There are times where we only want to listen to music and enjoy either the rhythm or the words. Each has his/her favorite type of music that loves to listen to.
    Keep it up

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